Garden: Recalling Paradise

Nervous System, 2019video projection, cast porcelain, gold luster50” x 50” x 12” Nervous System is a ceramic, video, and audio installation consisting of a floor projection of a single aerial view of a toilet bowl. Inside the bowl swim two goldfish. The video is set on a loop, and the fish circle without end. Ceramic […]

The Nightingale and the Rose

The Nightingale & The Rose, 2019 multimedia installation at Hair & Nails Gallery In literature and decorative arts, Nightingale and Rose is a metaphor for the beloved and lover par excellence; the rose is beautiful, proud, and often cruel, while the bird sings endlessly of longing and devotion. The Nightingale and the Rose series brings […]

This is Not a Pomegranate

Native to Middle Eastern and Mediterranean regions, pomegranate has been held sacred by many of the world’s major religions, legends and mythologies. The robust round shape of a pomegranate with its blood colored flesh bursting open with numerous seeds are emblematic of feminine body, the female source of nature and thus continuity of life. This is […]

Why Don’t You Smile Bozi?

Why don’t you smile Bozi? آخه بزی چرا نمی خندی؟ was inspired by the stylized design of a Persian ibex (a mountain goat) motif that I have borrowed from a six thousand year old Iranian ceramic beaker. In the Persian language “bozi” means little goat, and the title of the work refers to a humorous […]