Garden: Recalling Paradise

Nervous System, 2019video projection, cast porcelain, gold luster50” x 50” x 12” Nervous System is a ceramic, video, and audio installation consisting of a floor projection of a single aerial view of a toilet bowl. Inside the bowl swim two goldfish. The video is set on a loop, and the fish circle without end. Ceramic […]

Silent Scream

Tie A Not, 2019red ties, nail, cast porcelain hot water bottles Silent Scream, 2018durational multimedia installation at Quarter Gallery, Regis Center for the Arts, UMNcast porcelain hot water bottles, cast ice, chains, video projection Silent Scream: Affect of Life in Suspension is a durational and immersive ceramics and video installation. The impending shatter of clay bodies […]

This is Not a Pomegranate

Native to Middle Eastern and Mediterranean regions, pomegranate has been held sacred by many of the world’s major religions, legends and mythologies. The robust round shape of a pomegranate with its blood colored flesh bursting open with numerous seeds are emblematic of feminine body, the female source of nature and thus continuity of life. This is […]