Garden: Recalling Paradise

The Garden, ceramics, audio and video installation at Katherine E. Nash Gallery, 2019

The Garden strictly seen, is a collection of objects, gathered from disparate times and places, yet ready to hand and familiar, and common in the world of their origin. Some carry with them their use and histories, and their muted voices of daily ritual cleansing, largely hidden from view, as required by the proscriptions of cultural etiquette, while at the same time indicating a more profound ethnic and cultural cleansing, as if an existential component of “being soiled”. 

The Garden is the myth turned on its head, and proposes an alternate view: alluring, tempting, beautiful, fruitful, yet very nearly dead, with its “heart… swollen under the sun”. It proposes that the project of humanity is an idea not a promise: mutable, fragile, and at this moment, hanging by a thread.

Rootwash, 2019

It’s the Fishes’ Problem, 2019