This is Not an Eggplant

In her work I Pity the Garden, the Iranian poet Forough Farokhzad grieves the loss of the family garden, the world’s garden, and through passages in the voices of her father, mother, brother and sister, describes how despair has infected all that were nourished by its soil. The poem features prominently in my 2019 multi-media installation The Garden: Recalling […]


S/WORD and Letter to Baba are companion works which probe the power and efficacy of words and guns in a world consigned to both. S/WORD draws from our deep history with the written word and tools of war and presents both as weaponized figures on paper scrolls. Letter to Baba is a video work seen […]

DIY: Homemaking

Brick- Break- Bread, 201932” x 16’ x 30”multimedia installation at South Dakota Museum of Artrepurposed pallet wood, cast iron wheels, construction bricks, handmade bricks with bread mortar Brick – Break – Bread is a reflection on the two widely used English and Farsi idiomatic expressions: “breaking bread” & “turning someone’s bread to brick”. While the former […]

Garden: Recalling Paradise

Nervous System, 2019video projection, cast porcelain, gold luster50” x 50” x 12” Nervous System is a ceramic, video, and audio installation consisting of a floor projection of a single aerial view of a toilet bowl. Inside the bowl swim two goldfish. The video is set on a loop, and the fish circle without end. Ceramic […]

The Names We Change

Naming is the first act of calling into being and thus one of the original signifiers of identity formation, placing the individual in contextual relationship with culture, race, gender, and ethnicity. It is a symbolic contract between the individual and society and confirms the individual’s existence and society’s obligation and responsibility to the individual, and […]

Silent Scream

Tie A Not, 2019red ties, nail, cast porcelain hot water bottles Silent Scream, 2018durational multimedia installation at Quarter Gallery, Regis Center for the Arts, UMNcast porcelain hot water bottles, cast ice, chains, video projection Silent Scream: Affect of Life in Suspension is a durational and immersive ceramics and video installation. The impending shatter of clay bodies […]

Domestic Affairs

Domestic Affairs investigates the idea of home in body, structure and land, and explores the culturally embedded promise of security and hope engendered in the archetypal house. It explores a conceptual topography of “place”; it is a kind of domestic archeology. The exploration of the concept of home can reveal deeply ambiguous and complex phenomena: its […]

Muddy Truth

This Side | water | That Side, 2018 Durational installation, Porcelain Slip approx. 1′-6″ x 28′-0″ The word ‘water’ is written in porcelain slip in Farsi and thus language and water (river) become border and barrier, eroded then erased through passage of time and transgressional crossings. Sense of Nonsense, 2017 performance video stills – wood-ash, […]

The Nightingale and the Rose

The Nightingale & The Rose, 2019 multimedia installation at Hair & Nails Gallery In literature and decorative arts, Nightingale and Rose is a metaphor for the beloved and lover par excellence; the rose is beautiful, proud, and often cruel, while the bird sings endlessly of longing and devotion. The Nightingale and the Rose series brings […]


From cultural displacement to dinnerware placement, Exileware: Persian Diaspora & Pottery in Minnesota focuses on the impact of transnational migration on individual and collective experiences of everyday life. Exileware is a body of ceramic ware exploring the dynamics of a hybrid cultural identity that revolves around social rituals and traditions surrounding ceremonial events, food, and […]

This is Not a Pomegranate

Native to Middle Eastern and Mediterranean regions, pomegranate has been held sacred by many of the world’s major religions, legends and mythologies. The robust round shape of a pomegranate with its blood colored flesh bursting open with numerous seeds are emblematic of feminine body, the female source of nature and thus continuity of life. This is […]

Different Same

Different Same is an ongoing video project that strives to find common ground in the most trivial everyday life incidents that surpass ethnicity, gender and age gap. Eating Sunflower Seeds, 2015 Opening a Pomegranate, 2015

Why Don’t You Smile Bozi?

Why don’t you smile Bozi? آخه بزی چرا نمی خندی؟ was inspired by the stylized design of a Persian ibex (a mountain goat) motif that I have borrowed from a six thousand year old Iranian ceramic beaker. In the Persian language “bozi” means little goat, and the title of the work refers to a humorous […]

Pinglish Thoughts

Oo & I, 2014 Jaam-e-Jam, 2014 The Lion & Sun, 2014 Mirror & Window, 2014

Early Works

Balance Me Out, 2012-2013 Silk Road, 2013 Triple Containers, 2012 Mandala: Symbol of Existence, 2011